5th Grade Parents!

Thank you for your interest in the Warren Middle School Band!

As we start getting into the month of February, we officially begin the process of introducing new students to our band program! This is a very important decision for your child. It is not only a decision about joining band, but also about determining who your child’s friends will be for the next several years. Band is more than a class to play an instrument. It is the development of family and friends that will last a lifetime.

Question: How much time will this take?

As a beginning band student, there are only a few rehearsals/concerts outside regular school hours. Beyond that, students will participate in a solo and a small group contest, as well as private lessons.

Students will also be required to engage in regular home practice routines like having homework from a “regular” class; however, our home practice requirements of only 20 minutes per day for at least four days leaves PLENTY of time for participation in other activities and schoolwork.

Question: How much money will this cost?

Instruments –

We are able to work out arrangements with a local music store and they are able to offer discounts on the purchase of an instrument or can set you up on a monthly payment plan over the course of time. In fact, they even offer an instrument rental program. This program is perfect for beginner students who may be “experimenting” with their commitment to something new. The rental program protects you from investing money in an instrument while not being 100% certain that your child will continue in his or her band instruction. After your child’s first year, it is suggested that you trade in the rental instrument for a higher quality instrument for purchase on a monthly payment plan.

Also, a select number of school-owned instruments are available for students with great financial need as well as instruments that are too expensive to rent. There is a $50 annual maintenance fee to use school owned instruments.

Initial Band Fees & Supplies –

Each new student will purchase, through the band, a uniform polo shirt to be worn during performances. Various other fees/supplies will also be purchased through the band. Total cost is approximately $50.

The bottom line is: we will not allow a financial issue to be the reason your child cannot participate in band. We will work with any family that wants their student to join band.

Question: Will being in band affect my child’s grades?

YES! Research shows that participation in band will affect your child’s grades for the better. On average, students who participate in school music organizations score 89 points higher on standardized tests like the SAT versus  students without musical coursework. Also, 70% of the nation’s major universities report that participation in a musical organization is a higher consideration than standardized test scores for admission decisions.

Interesting Fact: 66% of college music majors who applied for medical school in 1996 were accepted while only 44% of biochemistry majors were accepted. Think about that one.

Forney High School consistently has a large percentage of band students in the top 10% of their class.

Question: Can my child participate in other activities while in band?

YES! Not only is participation in other Warren organizations possible — it is highly ENCOURAGED!! However, it is important to remember that commitment to the band program and practice time is necessary. Many of the skills students will learn in band (teamwork, group accountability, etc.) will be GREAT assets toward their participation in athletic programs or any other organization. In fact, many great athletes, actors, professional musicians, and Presidents were active in band.