Parents! Don’t forget to return your Band Forms!

Hey, parents! On the first day we sent home WMS Band Forms with your kiddo. They need to be returned to the band hall ASAP! The Medical Form allows your child to go on trips. The Private Lesson Form is OPTIONAL (for beginners and Symphonic) but highly recommended. The Extra Curricular Code of Conduct Form is required by all students in FISD who are in Extra Curricular activities. Finally, the Band Handbook form is a signed document affirming that you’ve read it.

Here are digital copies because trees are awesome and we should save them.


WMS Private Lesson Form

Handbook Form & ECC Form

Band Handbook – WMS

Let us know if you have any questions. We like emails!

8th Grade Region Music!

Hey kiddos, Hughes here: Attached is your region music. It’s in a zip file so you will have to download to your device and either read it from there, or print.

Get started NOW! Trust me, if you wait till school to even look at it, you’re behind your competition.  Go slow and don’t worry about speed. Work on right notes and fingerings. You’ve got this!


Good luck! Hmu if you have any issues.

New & Returning Band Parents Meeting

August 15th or 16th, both days have the same information.

New Parents from 7pm-8pm

Returning Parents from 7:30pm-8:30pm

(First year Percussion parents are encouraged to attend Friday’s meeting because there is a Percussion parent meeting Friday at 8pm in room 420)

This is our yearly ‘catch-up’ meeting where we answer your questions and talk about how the year will look like with your child in the program. Look forward to seeing everyone!

Recordings and EPO’s

Very soon we will be requiring our students to send us recordings of their book lines. Each week at least 4 EPOs (Electronic Pass-Off) are required for full credit. The students are obviously free to send us more than 4 a week. These recordings need to happen on 4 separate days. For example, 4 recordings on Monday will only get your child credit for ONE DAY. We need 4 recordings, on 4 separate days, for full credit.

Parents: remind your kids that they need to be practicing as much as they are able, and to send EPO’s to us!

A half hour a day is sufficient, but every extra minute counts! The students have been instructed in the proper procedures of recording and sending EPO’s. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Russell or myself. or